Queer in CT
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This is a community for everyone in CT that loves in an unconventional way. That means gay, lesbian, queer, bisexual, pansexual and transgender Connecticut residents, and allies. The first 5 applicants will become members, then we will vote on membership from there on. This is a rating community. Promote us!

bail_out_baby is you moderator. She's uber ghey __myloveismusic is your co-mod. She's a hot dyke.
Be nice to your mods or prepare to be rejected.

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This is a rating community.
You have 48 hours to apply after joining.
Lj-cut, use it! If you suck at html you might be in the wrong place.

You will be judged on looks and personality.
You will recieve yes or no judgements on your application.

The first 5 applicants are auto-accept, but don't slack on the app because of that.
If you have been rejected, one week after rejection you may re-apply.

Be nice to the mods. It's a must.
Promote like crazy. It’ll help you in the long run.

The subject of your application should say “I want a lover I don't have to love”.
the member with the most points at the end of each month gets an auto-accept

If you're not queer but live in CT (allies), you can still participate.
You must fill out the "conventional love" application.

There are a few simple rules.
This is primarily a queer community intended for those who are queer to make connections with others in their community. Please identify yourself as an ally. Also, this is a a strictly queer voting arena.
You may post and comment others but you must put the word ally or an 'A' in the title of your posts and comments. Comment on whatever you'd like, including applications, but know that your vote will not be counted in the application process.
Absolutely no gay-bashing. If you come here posing as an ally and then bash people for their sexuality once you become a member you will be reported to LJ's abuse team.
Failure to follow this rule will result in instant banning.

The mods have the right to delete your comments or remove you from the community with or without warning.
Write "ally" in your application next to orientation so we know you've read the rules.


(Do NOT use rich text. Delete all parenthesis ( ) and text between them from your application.)

Conventional Love

PS. We love this community. If you're a member you get auto-accepted here.

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